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12 August 2016 10:32 AM

Setting the call button from a site for multilingual sites

If several languages are used on your site then this article is for you.

Here you can find information how to add the call widget from a site on different language versions of a site.

This procedure can be done in two steps:

1) The first thing you need to do - to create for each language version of the site a separate widget.

It means that you need to add the widget on one of the versions of a site and then to add a few widgets for each version of additional language version of a site on the Websites page:

Adding a new site and widget in Excitel

2) The second - to add the copied HTML-code before the tag </body> for appearing the "Call" widget on a site at the left or at the right side.

Please note that for each language version of the site will be its own button code which will different only in a hash of the widget (for example, https://excitel.net/en/call/widget/cc3792aebc353b3d5fcf948e96ae1002).

For more details about installing the code on the site you may found here.

3) Select the language of the call page and answering machine on the Websites page:

Selecting a language for the call page in Excitel

If Russian and English languages are not enough for your website, please, contact our support team with a request to add a new additional language for a call page.

4) If you wish you may activate answering machine and to add welcome messages:

Adding welcome message and answering machine in Excitel

Have not you found an answer on your question? - Write or call us from the Contact page.

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