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20 April 2016 03:48 PM

Audio testing in the WebPhone

Now you do not need to search settings for speakers and microphone testing in your computer. Just use make audio test with use of WebPhone in a few clicks.

To test the sound in the WebPhone you need:

the left pane

  1. Click  "Check of headset" or the icon above.
  2. Click the loudspeaker icon or the text nearby for speakers testing:

for speakers testing

After test call the working speakers will emit an unpleasant loud squeak for a few seconds. If you don’t hear the squeak that means speakers do not work.

  1. Click the microphone icon or the text near it f for check:

near it f for chec

When you call from the WebPhone you see the dialog box with request to allow access to your microphone in the browser.

After you allow to use microphone in the browser the call starts. Say something into the microphone and you will understand whether it works or not.

- If it works you will hear your voice during the call.

- If it doesn’t work you won’t hear anything.

- If the microphone is not connected then the correspond message appears:
message appears


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