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22 August 2016 06:05 PM Инструкция: как настроить автоответчик и заказ обратного звонка

Setting up of voicemail or callback request

It is common knowledge that every site owner does not want to lose not a real or potential client. Currently, there are many different widgets to help with that task (online chats, widgets for callback request orfor direct call from the site). Our service is being improving constantly with use ofmodern communication technologies and integration of new features. So, we want to introduce you something interesting for our part.

Our service combines such features as direct call from the site and voicemail or callback request at non-working hours in one widget.

That means that having installed this widget on yoursite administrator can receive calls via Internet browser or using an application, during labour hoursand out of working hours customers can either leave a voice message, or request a call back. This will reduce the risk to miss web-customer site, who you could not get through to you in the most convenient and suitable for you and your customers way.

Let’s talk about the possibility of setting up of voicemail or callback request in more detail.

This can be done as follows:

1. Log in to our service.

2. Go to the page “Websites” and in the website settings in the drop-down list opposite to the text "At non workingtime "

  • select "Call back" for call back request:

Settings for ordering callback

  • select “Voicemail " for receiving voice message:

Activation of answering machine in Excitel

3. Save changes in the bottom of the page“Websites”:

Saving changes in the site settings

After that you should check how it works.

To do this go to your site and click on the button for call.

After that you will have a page with the possibility of callback ordering:

Ordering a callback on the site


After successful request sending you this message appears:

Message about successful request

How to look through requests left and requestsalready processed?

1. To view call back requests, go to the "Requests for callback" inlayon “Statistics” page:

Statistics of callback requests

In "All" inlay you can view all completed and uncompleted requests.

In the "Completed" you can view all the completed requests.

In the “Uncompleted " inlay you can view all the uncompleted requests.

2. To mark the request as “completed”, just click on the pink strip to the left of the date of receiving the request. After that the strip disappears:

Changing request status to completed


To change the request status back to “completed” click to the left of the date of the request, and pink stripe will appear again.

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