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Excitel - new level of communication
29 January 2016 07:26 PM

Making calls from Excitel in Bitrix24 system

We are happy to share the good news with our service users.

Now you can connect calls from your website in Bitrix24 CRM-system.

Right now you can connect cloud PBX to your site in Bitrix24 and then make and receive calls.

What are the advantages of the integration of CRM-system with the cloud-based PBX?

  • Cloud PBX is additional new and convenient tool in Bitrix24 that will help to contact and to communicate with customers in real-time mode without being tied to a phone. Calls can be made at any place where there is the Internet.
  • If you install call button from the site your customers can call you directly from your browser for free.
  • The call button from the site will increase conversion of your site, you will be able to sell more of your products or to provide bigger amount of services.
  • The call service from the site using the "Call" button will increase customers’ loyalty. Due to this fast method of communication customers will like your site even more.

The connection to cloud-based PBX is easy. To do this you need to do th next steps:

1. Navigate to the admin panel of your site.

2. Click on TELEPHONY link on side panel:


3. Click on Phone Numbers:


4. Select the block “Connect SIP PBX”:


5. Click on “CONNECT OFFICE PBX” button. Enter all required data and click on the "Connect" button:



The connection name is connection name that you create by yourself.

Server address is a server value that you will receive if you contact us to technical support service. (From our side we will create an additional DNS record and then you will be able to enter this data)

Username, Password are the username and the password that you received in the letter from our Excitel service (for authorization in the SoftPhone or IP-phone).

After that you will see in the admin panel of Bitrix24 the following message like this:

"Incoming calls

To handle incoming calls you need to wait for the ending of connection process.

Connection Status: connected.

Connection is completed, you can receive incoming calls on your Bitrix24. "

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