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12 January 2016 08:32 PM

How to set up Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP softphone for smartphones

To receive calls via your smartphone you should install the program (softphone) for receiving calls via Internet. We suggest you to use Zoiper  IAX SIP VOIP application for this purpose.


This program is rather easy to start work with. Just complement next steps:

1) Download the above mentioned application and install it on your telephone

2) Open the application and go to Config > Accounts:

accounts in Zoiper


3) Add the account:

Adding an account in Zoiper

4) When question “Do you already have an account (username and password)?” answer “Yes”:

Availability of SIP account in Zoiper

5) Choose “Manual configuration”:

Setting up of Zoiper account

6) Choose the account type “SIP”:

Choosing the type of Zoiper account

7) Enter all necessary data for creating of new account:


  • Enter name/position of operator who will answer calls in “Account name”:

Creation of Zoiper account

  • Enter “Server” value from our letter in “Host” field
  • Enter “Login” value contained in our system letter themed with “Settings of operator” sent to you in “Username” field
  • Enter “Password” value from the same our letter in “Password” field accordingly
  • Enter “Proxy-server” value from our letter in “Outbound proxy”


8) Press “Save” in the bottom of the application to save all changes. After that you will see imaging of the process of your account registration in the net  (“Registering” will be displayed under your account name):

Registering of Zoiper account

After a few minutes after registration of anaccount in the application “Account is ready” will display:

The account is ready in Zoiper

Now just call via button on your site and receive the call in Zoiper application on your smartphone:

Call in Zoiper

Done! Now you can receive calls from your site with use of your smartphone!

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