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12 January 2016 08:32 PM

How to set up Linphone Video softphone for smartphones

You can receive calls on your smartphone not only with use of CSipSimpleorZoiper applications. Linphone Video application meet this challenge perfectly also.

Linphone Video

To use this application you just follow the steps:

1) Download and install it on your telephone.

2) Open the application and choose "USE SIP ACCOUNT":

Creation of SIP-account for Linphone

3) Enter data for creating new account:

  • Enter “Login” value contained in our system letter themed with “Settings of operator” sent to you in “USERNAME” field
  • Enter “Password” value from the same our letter in “PASSWORD” field accordingly
  • Enter “Server” value from our letter in “DOMAIN” field
  • Enter name/position of operator who will answer calls in "DISPLAY NAME" field

Then enter “LOGIN” button:

Creation of SIP-account for Linphone in Excitel service

4) After that the error "io error" appears:

Error during account creation in Linphone

Error occurs due to after server address creation Linphone program creates the same proxy-server address on default. But our proxy-server name differs from server name.

That is why after error occurs click “Continue”.

5) Chose the created account:

Changing of the proxy settings in Linphone

6) Choose “Proxy” and enter “Proxy-server” value from our letter in the field:

Changing of the proxy settings in Linphone 2

Confirm the change by clicking “Ok”:

Changing proxy server in the Linphone

7) After that you can see that your account has been registered:

Successfully created SIP-account for Excitel

8) Now just make test call from your site and receive the call from smartphone:

Receiving a call from a site in the Linphone

9)Talk to the customer and after conversation ends go onhook:

The process of conversation and its ending in the Linphone

Have a good talk!

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