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25 March 2015 11:19 AM Инструкция: как настроить софтфон CSipSimple

How to configure softphone CSipSimple on mobile phone?

The CSipSimple softphone is one of the best applications for making calls via the Internet from mobile phone based on Android. To receive calls from your site and to call up with your co-workers you must install softphone on your smartphone and set up an account by using operator’s data of your site.

1. Download CSipSimple softphone from Play Store app on your mobile phone.

Setup softphone availability

2. Run installed application. In the quick configuration select “Available on WiFi” -> “Save”. It means that you can receive and make calls for free when the phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection.

Adding new account in CSipSimpleAdd new account in CSipSimple

3. Create new account

4. Select in drop-down list named  “Choose wizard” item “Advanced” (to do it scroll the list to the required item).

Setup Wizard CSipSimple

5. In the field "Account name" enter your name and position.


6. From received by email letter enter Login into the field “Username”. Enter password value from letter into the “Password” field.


7. Fill in the fields  “Server” and  “Proxy” by the values of the server and the proxy server parameters from the letter.



8. Save settings and wait for account registration in the network. If user status is "Unauthorized", it means that you made a mistake when entering data or there is no connection to the Internet.

When all settings are correct and account status is "Registered" you will be able to make calls to co-workers additional numbers and receive calls from site by CSipSimple softphone on mobile phone at any convenient time  from anywhere in the world where there is Wi-Fi.

Сolleague’s additional number you can ask from the site creator or in the WebPhone contact list.


Do you still have questions? - Contact our support team.

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