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15 April 2015 11:28 AM Настройка софтфона 3CXPhone на компьютере

How to install 3CXPhone softphone on your computer?

Currently after the registration the system automatically creates your first site and one operator.

1) If to have one operator is enough for receiving calls from your site then for authorization the automatically generated operator just perform this instruction from the 3rd item.

2) If you need to use several operators - previously the site owner must create operators’ accounts in his personal cabinet (profile) and send them an invitation on theirs email. You can find description in the instruction How to configure the website for receiving calls from customers.

To use the calls over the Internet by operators (2nd and the following operators created manually), they must confirm the invitation which they received by e-mail. And then they will need to enter their name, to think of a login and password.

Confirming an invite in Excitel WebPhone

After confirming the invitation a user automatically falls into WebPhone and can make free calls to colleagues

3) To use standalone application on your PC, install and configure 3CXPhone softphone on your computer or laptop and set up your account:

Cофтфон 3CXPhone. Примите условия.Установите софтфон 3CXPhone

4) Create new account in the software phone 3CXPhone. To do this, in the main menu navigate to the "Accounts" -> "New".

Программный телефон 3cxphone. Главное окно.Софтфон 3cxphone. Главное меню.

5) In the field "Account name" enter operator’s name or his position.

Настройка имени оператора в 3CXPhone

6) Fill in the fields "Caller ID", "Extension", "ID" with the value of "Login" copied from the received letter from our service with the title "Settings of operator".

7) In the field "Password" fill in with the "Password" value also received in the letter:


8) Select the option - "I am out of the office - external IP" and fill in the value with the "Server" value from our email-message.

9) Check the tick opposite the option "Use Outbound Proxy server" and fill in the field with the value “Proxy server” from the letter.


Note that server address  and the proxy server address must be without "http: //" and be exactly the same as received in the letter!

10) Click"Ok" to save settings and tick required account.

Выбор аккаунта в софтфоне 3CXPhone

11) Wait for authorization of operator's account on the network (in the lower left corner of the screen above the buttons the message "On Hook" must be displayed).

Оператор зарегистрирован на сервере Excitel

12) Call someone of your colleagues to his additional number in Excitel system to check is everything configured correctly. You can ask additional numbers from the creator of site or in the WebPhone contact list.

Do you hear interlocutor? - Congratulations! The account in 3CXPhone is configured correctly. If there is no sound or noise occurs check your microphone and headphones. If you have any additional questions call us from the site or write to technical support.

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