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24 June 2015 12:38 PM Как настроить очередь вызовов в Excitel

How to setup call queue?

You can set up call queue upon your demand in your Cabinet.

1. At first create new operators for each team member in “Operators

Creating of operators in the Excitel service

Adding of operator in the Excitel service

2. Go to “Sites” and add operators to the queue.

Adding operators to calls queue in the Excitel service

3. Choose operators in the sequence of receiving call.

Selecting necessary operators for adding them to call queue

4. Choose in settings time which should pass before switch if there is no response. After this time passes the call will be redirected on the operator next in the queue.

The timing of the call switching

5. Choose the type of the call:

  • In sequence – if the operator first in queue doesn’t answer the call during the time specified, next operator gets signal from his WebPhone
  • Simultaneously— WebPhone signalizes for all the operators in the queue while one of them will not answer the call

Choosing the ring strategy in the Excitel service

You can create several “Steps” – groups of users and set up each of them.

For example:

  • We’ve chosen two operators for Queue 1 - Yana и Andrew andsetup 20 secas redirect time and simultaneous ring strategy;
  • and Operator1 and Operator2 for Queue 2and set up 10 sec as redirect time and “In order” ring strategy;

Call queue. Example of settings

That means that incoming call will follow this way:

1) Yana and Andrew have their Webphones signalizing simultaneously;

2.1) if nobody answers during 20 sec, Operator1 from Queue1 will have signal from Webphone;

2.2) if Operator1 doesn’t answer during 10 sec, the call will be redirected to Operator2.

Experiment with settings for receiving calls from your site not to miss a call! Call from customer is half the battle indeed!

Do you still have questions? Get in touch with our support team!

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