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28 October 2015 01:53 PM Позвонить с сайта в 1С-Битрикс

How to add the “Call” button for 1C-Bitrix site?

1C-Bitrix is complex system for creating web projects, which offers great opportunities for developers, providing a variety of completed functional modules, high productivity and the "cloud" services.One of the main advantages of 1C-Bitrix is not just simple website management but also its integration into the information environment of the company.

To add the"Call" button on your site you must:

1. Login to your personal cabinet of Excitel service.

2. In button editor select the button view, which will suit to your website design:

Moving to button editor Excitel

3. Back to the Settings page and copy HTML-code.

Select the whole HTML-code with the left mouse button and press the key combination Ctrl + C.

4. Open 1C-Bitrix admin panel of your site and move to templates (Control panel > Settings > Websites> Site templates). Click on button “Actions” and select “Edit”:

admin panel 1c-bitrix

5. Find in HTML-code of your site closing tag </body>To add “Call” widget:

editing code in1c-bitrix

6. Paste the copied code before this tag. Save changes:

adding call button code on 1c-bitrix 2

7. Move to the Site tab and check “Call” button:

demonsration of call button on bitrix site

From this moment users of your site can call you from anywhere in the world using Excitel service.

To add the button on specific page click this link.

If you haven’t got answers for your questions - call us using a button on the website or write from the feedback form.

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