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11 November 2015 06:58 PM Позвонить с сайта в 1С-Битрикс

How to add the “Call” button on specific page on 1C-Bitrix site?

In previous article we reviewed the algorithm of actions for placing the "Call" button on the 1C-Bitrix site. But that is possible that the button will be needed not just on separate page of your site and at certain place (for example, next to your phone number on web-page).

To add HTML-code on web-page you need:

1. Move to web page, on which you need to place “Call” button. In the Control Panel select “Site” > “Edit page” > “In HTML-code mode”:

changing page in 1c-bitrix

2. Login to your account of Excel service.

3. Copy HTML-code of the button from the “Settings” or “Websites” page and change the code (described in the article, items 3-5).

4. At the end of the HTML-page and paste the copied button code and save changes:

editing code on 1c-bitrix page
5. Move to the “Site” tab, select the desired page and check the "Call" button in practice:

call button on certain page of 1c-bitrix site

Just a few minutes and the button will appear on your site. As a result of these simple steps you will get all benefits of Excitel service on your website. Now your users can call you regardless of the city, region or even the country in which they are.

If you still have questions about how the service works and about its implementation on the 1C-Bitrix site we look forward to your questions on the phone or from the feedback form.

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